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Birth Doula Services, since August 2005, in the Norwich, Norfolk and North Suffolk areas

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I’m the mother of two wonderful young adults. I relax by singing, dancing and walking in nature and beside the sea.

I became a doula over 20 years ago because, due to wonderful help from others, I had life changing and empowering birth experiences. I wanted to be part of the movement to return birth to the mother; where it belongs and is safest. I enjoy working with women and their partners to help them achieve their hopes and dreams but also to ensure that whatever happens, during birth, they are heard and respected. I have found from many years experience that couples benefit, during labour, from the presence of an extra person answerable only to them.

I do not and could not replace a woman`s partner, my role is to nurture and support the birthing woman and her partner.

Over the years I have attended courses led by Michel Odent, Ina May Gaskin, Penny Simkin, Jean Sutton, Janet Balaskas, Sheila Kitzinger, Mary Cronk, Suzanne Colson, Gail Tully and Heather Allen. One of the reasons I love this work is that you never stop learning.I have supported a large number of home and hospital births. These include VBAC, HBAC, active breech births and water births.

I have experience with hypnobirthing, spinning babies and rebozo. I am the co-founder of the Norwich Birth Group. I have many years experience as a maternity service user representative working in a voluntary capacity to improve local maternity services.

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Rachel Graveling
I'm the mother of two wonderful young adults. I relax by singing, dancing and walking in nature and beside the sea. I ...
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