Holiday at Home - How to Staycate During Lockdown

Somewhere in a parallel universe this blog may have been all about why you should book a babymoon right now. However, as the current situation stands, with no clear end date in sight, we’ve decided to share with you our top tips on how to create a staycation to remember. 

Whether it’s just you, you and your spouse, or you already have children, we’ve put together the following ideas on how to feel like you’re on holiday at home. If you’re furloughed, on maternity leave already, have kept your annual leave despite holiday plan cancellations, or perhaps you need to redefine your weekends in light of the fact every day feels the same at the moment, read on! Here are our top tips on how to staycate during lockdown:

Enjoy the Finer Things

One of the things most people look forward to on holiday is the food and drink. Whilst you shouldn’t overindulge during pregnancy, there’s no reason not to enjoy some of your favourite foods and (pregnancy-friendly) drinks. Hopefully you’ve been able to get some online shopping sorted out, or someone is going to the supermarket for you, so on your next orders add your favourite foods – be it cheese, chocolate, fruits, steak and treat yourself a little. 

If cooking is your thing, gather all the ingredients for your favourite dishes and either prepare meals together if you enjoy that, or take it in turns to cook for one another so that you get that feeling that someone is looking after you, just as you do in a hotel. 

Switch Off

As long as there are no reasons you need to stay switched on, unplug from work emails and try not to be on your phone all day every day. Switching off is a large part of getting away on holiday, so use your staycation as an opportunity to take a break and recharge; to get over the first trimester if it was an ordeal, and to prepare for the third trimester, as very soon life will change forever and there won’t be any switching off for years when it comes to raising your child!

Take Time to Do the Things You Love

Whilst you might be restricted from taking part in all your hobbies and pastimes due firstly to your pregnancy and secondly the lockdown, there are still activities you can enjoy yourself, as a couple and as a family. Think about activities you would usually partake in on holiday; reading a book, family games and sport (nothing too physical for Mama though!), lounging around in the sunshine (we live in hope!), walking. 

As a couple, take time to reconnect both physically and mentally. In just a few months there will be a little addition to your family, so make the most of this time to enjoy each other’s company with no (or at least fewer) interruptions. Remember (in case you’d forgotten) why you chose to start a family with your other half, and make the most of this time that there are just two of you in the bed because the time will soon come when there are three and the cries will be those of a hungry child! 

Date Night (or Day!)

Reconnection brings us nicely on to our last point, date night! If you have children, this may prove a little more difficult without access to a babysitter and everyone under one roof, but you can at least try. Settle the kids either in bed or watching a movie (or both!), and get dressed up as though you were going out to a restaurant or bar. What you get up to is your choice (just be mindful of the children!) but you could have mocktails in the garden, followed by a slap-up home-cooked meal, finishing the night off with a cosy film or Netflix session on the sofa before snuggling up in bed.

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